Martin McBride, 2020-10-27
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The Path class creates a shape based on a path object.

A path object can be obtained using the path method of any Shape object - a Rectangle, Circle, or even a Text objetc can be used to create a path.

See the paths tutorial for examples.

Path class methods

The Path class inherits add, fill, stroke, fill_stroke, path, clip and other methods from Shape.

It has additional methods:

  • of


Creates a shape based on an existing path.

Parameter Type Description
path Pycairo path object A path

A path object is usually obtained by calling the path method another shape. A Path object recreates the shape and allows it to be filled.

Here is an example:

p = Rectangle(ctx).of_corner_size((0.5, 0.5), 1, 3).path()


The first line creates a rectangle, but doesn't draw it, instead it obtains a path object p.

At some point later in the code, you can draw the shape by passing p into a Path object and filling or stroking it.

This is useful if you want to reuse a path, drawing it multiple times, or if you need to create a path is one part of your code but store it for use somewhere else. Paths also have advanced applications such as drawing text along a curve.

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