generativepy.gif module

Martin McBride, 2020-10-01
Tags gif
Categories generativepy generative art

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The gif module is used to create animated GIFs from frame sequences.

The module use the open source program gifsicle to create optimised GIFs. You will need to install gifsicle on your system.


Used to create a single PNG image.

generativepy.gif.save_animated_gif(filepath, frames, delay, loop=0)
Parameter Type Description
filepath String The path and filename for the output GIF file. It should end in '.gif'.
frames Sequence A sequence of frames.
delay number The delay between frames, in seconds.
loop int Not currently implemented.

save_animated_gif creates an animated GIF from a sequence of frames.

frames is a sequence of frames, such as the output from the movie.make_frames() function.

The delay is the required delay between frames, in seconds. It is the inverse of the GIF framerate. For example, a value of 0.2 will give 5 frames per second.