Computer Music with Supercollider

Martin McBride, 2017-07-08
Tags supercollider sound synthesis
Categories supercollider sound synthesis

This tutorial is a practical introduction to the basics of computer music. It teaches the basic principles of computer generated music from basic waveforms through to more advanced synthesisers, and also covers a bit of simple music theory.

The tutorial examples use SuperCollider, so you can try them out for yourself.

SuperCollider is a free, open source program for creating sounds and music. It can be used for creating instruments and sounds, sampling and modifying recorded sound, sequencing musical scores, algorithmic composition, and even live performance.

SuperCollider uses a programming language to design sounds. The language has a library of sophisticated sound processing functions that you can use in your music.

It can take a little while to learn, but it is worth it because SuperCollider is one of the most versatile and capable sound synthesisers around.

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